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ACM Iran

    Welcome to ACM Iran

    ACM IRAN was established in Feb. 2009. The company is managed by Mrs. ZABIHI as the managing director and is assisted by Ms. AHMADI as head of office administration.


    The scope of ACM IRAN activity is provision of Training and Third party Audit in the field of management systems. (Quality, Environmental, Health and safety)


    Our mission is to provide a reliable and professional certification service, value for money, and to ensure that the certification process is value adding with a friendly and non-bureaucratic approach. The overriding purpose is to assist all organisations to meet local and international requirements and to compete effectively and efficiently in the global economy.


    Our current clients are well-known companies in the fields of: rubber and plastic, metal and machinery, chemical, food industries, laboratories and inspection bodies, training institutes, technical and engineering services, automotive parts, petrochemical, oil and gas, construction and etc.


    All audits are conducted by qualified and approved technical experts and lead auditors and we cover all international standards such as:


    ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, HACCP, OHSAS18001, ISO/TS29001, ISO10002, ISO/TS10004, ISO10015


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